This is an astonishing reality!

This is an astonishing reality!

The author has updated the article about jewelry for several times. I think you are a little tired from reading it. Please follow me and do this fun little entertainment to eliminate your troubles.

Keep your eyes fixed on the center of the image for a few seconds, and you’ll be shocked to see that the color suddenly disappears and the image turns all gray!This is the teixler vanishing effect.First discovered in 1804, it explains how feeling works: signals outside of attention are considered secondary, so they are erased from working memory and no longer exist for the mind.Source: we’re all stupid, new discovery, October 2019.


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Small science:This principle has been exploited by the Nvidia 2xxx series of graphics CARDS, known as foveated rendering, which focuses on rendering images in the center of the vision and reduces the quality of the edges.On VR devices, combined with eye-tracking technology, the need for computing power will be greatly reduced.

Besides learning about jewelry matching from the author, I can also take you to relax.

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