The difference between long necklace and long pendant

The difference between long necklace and cascade necklace


Necklace is set on the neck hanging chest chain jewelry, multi-purpose gold and silver or pearl made.

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A drop pendant, usually of metal, especially stainless steel and silver, but also of ore, crystal, etc. As long as it is used for praying for peace, calmness and beauty.

Should be close-fitting wear, or sweater chain, is a single product or long short fold wear long necklace.

Long necklace suits to wear very much in this season,

myriad amorous feelings is acted the role of article through small explain more specific.

This season is popular cascade necklace, the necklace that wears necklace length differ should match with how dress design photograph,

cascade the colour and lustre of necklace should be harmonious with integral photograph. Suit clothes: evening outfit, ol suit, high collar clothes, simple long skirt, long skirt or trousers.

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Performance style: elegant, decent, gorgeous, grand

Style interpretation: long necklace highlights not luxury, in the catwalk and parties, it shows off the sense of design, with low-cut or deep v-neck dress, very sexy;

In daily life, it emphasizes individualism and lively style; Free overlay and collocation, the test is fashion; And in a few formal occasions, there is no lack of long necklace figure, concise design makes temperament elegant.

What can give you a surprise is more, long necklace is pulled before the chest long v word modelling, can lengthen facial ministry scale, achieve the magic effect of small face pointed chin.

Long cascade necklace often can produce a kind of grave, elegant effect, in more important occasions, a lot of people can choose.

Many of this season’s cascading necklaces are returning to the classic, but with more pop touches, such as military-inspired metal and feminine-inspired velvet.

At present the most popular long necklace can match to go up stereo coronet, have the effect of modelling of fixed necklace, make necklace element richer.

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