Selection of good things

Selection of good thing


During the festival, want to buy a few small adorn article to give close friend, discover these small adorn article choose to rise very difficult,

today small make up chose a few to you literally buy the good thing that won’t make a mistake oh.

1.Elegance Pearl necklace Charm Choker Irregular necklace.

This is a very everyday copy pearl necklace, optional collocation a small skirt,

show temperament very much, suit to grow long hair more wave wave reachs the girl with qualitative gas yo.

18 Trendy Elegance Statement Necklace Charm Simulated Pearl Beads Choker Necklace For Women Kolye Collier Femme chain good thing 1

2.asymmetrical earrings New design alloy abstract symbol drop earrings

This is an irregular earring, left and right sides of different shapes, looks very different feeling,

this is more suitable for the girl with personality.

Asymmetric Earrings chain good thing

3.New Minimalsm Slim Gold Chain Charm Bracelets ultra-thin heart pearl

This is a small hand catenary, in the hand there is little feeling almost, the heart inside played the function that adorns,

this hand catenary suits gentle girl very much.

necklace good thing chain

This is small make up to come up with a few good things, you like?

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